If your planning to keep a Beardie I can't say how important it is to give them enough space the following will give you an insight on how much space and how to set up their indoor and outdoor living areas

From my learnings I found that the bigger the tank the better. If your keeping one Beardie then the minimum size of the tank should be 55 gal. They like to climb and run so the tank should be both long and high, the sizes should be around 65" long and 16" wide. You can buy them rather cheap or get creative and make your own. Because Beardies live in dry areas you could build it out of wood using a glass front (always make sure that the Beardies cant get out). One more option is to build a open top vivarium (I dont like as much)which is made out of wood, and is basicly a big box with high sides so the Dragon cant get out. Be smart in this field if your going to get two Beardie make sure they have enough room to play!!!!

During the warmer parts of the year, its best to keep your beardies in a outdoor vivaria(enclosure). This allows the animals exposure to direct sunlight and natural day length during breeding season. In warmer parts of the U.S. Beardies can be kept in a screenhouse or a outdoor tank(not glass)with screen covers during most of the year. When it starts getting colder outside(55*F)they should be provided with supplemental heat and shelters. If the Dragons are going to be kept year round in this type of stucture then it should be built so the ground forms the bottom of the enclosure. Make sure the sides extend at least one foot under ground so the Dragons cant dig thier way out. Just like an indoor tank the outdoor tank will need to be cleaned and kept up on a weekly or daily basis.

Remember Dragon's are very aware of their surroundings so make sure you give them a good,clean place to live!!!!