The fun really starts to begin when you figure out that Bearded Dragons are alot like kids when it comes to feeding them.They're a little sloppy when they're young and you'll find out what foods they like as they grow older.Here's some of the food they need to make them grow big and strong.

Live food


All reptile owners know how important it is to feed your crickets good food or gut load them before you feed them to your Dragons. This only makes sense,whatever your crickets eat your Dragon eats.You can buy cricket food at the pet shop or make your own. I like to use Cherios cereal, mixed veggies out of the can and all types of fruits because crickets need alot of water and Dragons can use all the vitamins.VERY IMPORTANT crickets must be dusted with a vitamin calcium supplement before feeding them to your Dragons 3 to 5 times a week.I make my own duster out of a plastic cup with holes in the bottom. Place the crickets in the cup and then the dust and cover and shake and bake. Any extra dust shake it into vitamin container.(Dont shake to hard you will kill the crickets).When my youngsters wake up in the morning I feed them 8 to 12 small pinhead crickets each. NEVER FEED your Dragons more crickets then they'll eat in one meal.(Ten minutes)When the Dragons are trying to rest and their pray is on their head it could be quite aggravating.They say crickets can eat your Dragon when they sleep I have yet to see it! The rule of thumb for the size of crickets and all other pray is the size of the food should be no larger then the space between your Dragons eyes. Dragons between the ages of newborn and one year should be fed crickets twice a day,once in the morning and once at night.(About 8 to 12 pinheads per serving)Before feeding Dragons in the morning make sure the temps get up inside the tank and the Dragon is active. One year olds to Two year olds should only be fed twice a day total. Feed them 8 to 15 crickets in the morning(if your Dragon eats good).
Dont feed them just crickets how would you like only popcorn every day??????


MMMMMMMM good!! Mealworms are one of the Dragons favorite treats but, thats what they are treats. Mealworms are high in fat and could cause some problems ( weight and stomach) in your Dragons. What I do is if they are good Beardies all day I will give them one mealworm each.When they are young you give them the small worms. When older you move up to the super worms. Its kind of like watching a kid eat spaghetti. They are high in protein so they are not all bad but just dont over do it.


All I have to say is WOW anyone have a bib? When your Dragon grow's up and you look at him and say boy are you cute, are you hungry? You'll know what he will say when he see's the pinky.Now this is not for the weak and the kids might want to take a walk because things could get ugly..Adult Dragons could really use the extra protien but pinkies are not nessesary. They will get protien from mealworms and the vitamins you powder their crickets with. But if you want to see this side of your Dragon feed them a pinky once every two weeks.Keep in mind you only want to buy them when you are going to feed them.Pinkies have a way of getting out of their boxes. Pinky means NO fur newborn mice make sure thats what they are.Dont buy frozen one's that's not the way you like your food, is it?? Then again I really dont like mine live but i'm not a Dragon.

Greens & Other Stuff