This page is here so you could learn more about Bearded Dragons. Because of my love for them, I would like to inform people so their Beardies'can live a long joyous life. There's some links and alot of pics, enjoy and please if anything learn. If your going to play God make sure you do it right!!!

You know my name already. I'm 34 and very much so into Beardies. I have four Beardies right now and hoping God blesses me with a few little ones. My Dragons names, ages and attitudes are as follows: Lenny is a two and a half year old loving, soft, willing to eat anything female who's weight is on the big side. Lolly is a two and a half year old male who's attitude still puzzles me today. He has a split personality, at times he's loveable and other times he gets a little hard headed. He's kinda skinny but it's because he has other things on his mind. (You guys know what im talking about) Then there's Buster and Binky. Buster and Binky are both red phase dragons. Buster's sex is not known, (will call him "he")he is 1 year old with his own little attitude already. He likes to avoid me handling him as much as possible but I always win. His weight looks good. Let's not forget Binky, sex is not know, ("he")but this little guy is 1 year and has me in tears every night. He has a fearless little attitude and loves attention. Good weight on him too. Just so you know that whole thing about my Dragons goes to show that these little guy's all have their own attitudes, isnt that awesome.

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I will be breeding my own Beardies soon. If interested E-mail me. I will help you im just a button away.

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